Garbage Disposal Site, Jabi


Industrial Owner must dispose of the industrial garbage (if normal garbage) at the MBAS Disposal Site which is located in Jabi. If this garbage contains toxic waste, this waste must be dumped as stated by the Environment Department.
MBAS Dumping/Disposal Site which is located in Jabi, 17 km from Alor Star City is a 40 acre wide area. The MBAS is practicing a sanitary landfill system to give the public comfort and tranquility.
The MBAS provides facilities to private sectors which are involved in the industrial field to dispose industrial garbage at the Garbage Disposal Site in Jab by charging certain payment rate. 

Garbage Disposal Rate  

Types of Services

Payment Rate

Garbage Disposal

RM 10.00 / trip


Payment should be made first at the Alor Star Municipal Council payment counter and retrieve payment receipt as payment evident. The payment receipt must be included with the application form and submitted to the staff on duty at the garbage dumping site counter, Jabi.
For any inquiries, please contact :

Bahagian Perkhidmatan Bandar
Majlis Bandaraya Alor Star
Jalan Kolam Air, Alor Star
Talian : 04-7332499 Sambungan : 124

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