1. Why must evaluation tax be imposed on land by MBAS when quit rent has already been imposed on the land by Land Office?
    Quit rent is imposed on every land according to Nation Land Code 1966 based on the terminated ownership by State Government according to Nation Land Code 1966 provision; while evaluation tax is imposed by MBAS under Local Government Act 1976 provision.

  2. What will happen if the evaluation tax payment is not made or paid late?
    f you made the payment after the given period, which is after 28 or 29 February and 31 August, Notice (Form E) will be given to you. You are required to settle all overdue in 15 days from the notice date and fine will be enforced as follows:

    In Debt Total Late Fine enforced RM 00.00 until RM 100.00 RM 2.00 RM 00.00 until RM 200.00 RM 4.00 RM 00.00 until RM 300.00 RM 6.00 Every Additional RM 100.00 charged RM 2.00 If you still has not made the payment after receiving Notice (Form E), arrest warrant will be issued to you and warrant cost as much as 20% on tax overdue amount will be charged.

    This warrant enables authorized MBAS officers to: Impound (confiscate) shift properties existing in the building Auction building/land through registered auctioneer appointed by the Council.

  3. If the landlord still has not paid the evaluation tax overdue, will the Council detain any landlord’s applications for matters concerned?
    Yes, the Council can detain landlord’s application process that has overdue from attaining these authorizations:

    • Authorized building plan.
    • Authorized business licenses at the holding.
    • Authorized qualification certificate to reside building (OC)
    • Authorized Arrangement Plan.

  4. What are the application conditions for vacant premise profit return?
    To apply profit return, the landlord must make an announcement by sending a letter to Assesment Department, MBAS in 7 days period starting from the time when the profit return was requested. Evaluation tax must be paid including all overdue in the demanded profit return period. Evaluation tax returned for the period your house is vacant is subjected to the conditions required by Local Government Act 1976 as follows:

    • Building is NOT RESIDED/VACANT and FOR RENT.
    • Have given written notice to the Council on the vacancy and the notice must be completed and returned. The period of vacancy must not be less than a calendar month.
    • All reasonable efforts to get a tenant has been done through advertisement in newspaper or display ‘FOR RENT’ on the notice board in front of the premise.

  5. What should be done if there is a need to refer to other technical agencies which are unlisted under the prescribed technical agency?
    Addition of other technical agencies apart from those listed can be done by the system administrator of the respective municipal councils.

  6. For applications that are proposed via online, should updates be made to the OSC Portal?
    For online applications, updating need not be done in the OSC Portal.

  7. What if an application uses manual drawings but is still sent via online?
    The drawing must be scanned and uploaded in pdf format.

  8. How are processing fees paid through OSC online?
    Processing fees are paid through the method prescribed by municipal councils which is online with selected banking institutions or payment counters.

    E-payment modules under OSC Online only require the proof of payment uploaded to be included with applications.

  9. What are the sub modules of OSC Online?
    There are 8 OSC Online sub-modules which are:

    • e-report card = Evaluate and rate the performance of OSC Online services
    • e-application = applicants present any application from the list of 32 applications listed.
    • e-reference = lists other requirements relating to the development in a municipal council other than the uniformed requirements listed.
    • e-complaints = make complaints about the processes and OSC Online procedures which are related to applications.
    • e-guide = Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for respective municipal councils.
    • e-question = online pre consultation.
    • e- service request = applicants submit the applications which are not included in the 32 types of applications listed.
    • e-payment = Submit proof of payment relating to development control.

  10. What are the main modules of OSC Online?
    The 2 main modules are e-submission where applicants are required to register, upload and submit applications and e-processing to where internal and external technical agencies process the applications.

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