1. There are internal or external technical agencies that may still require hardcopies for review purposes. How is this executed?
    The technical agencies involved need to deal directly with the applicants to retrieve hardcopies. However the technical agencies are recommended to take the appropriate actions to move from the method of reviewing hardcopies to the method of reviewing it online in stages.

  2. Can applicants check their application status online?
    Applicants may check their application status online using ID project and ID application. The project owner could also check the application status using the same method.

  3. How long does it take for materials which have been uploaded to be kept in the system before the application is deleted?
    Applicants will be notified on the items which need to be provided in order to complete the application before OSC circulates.

    In the event that the applicant fails to submit the items required which is to activate the account within 7 days, the application will be sent to the storage.

    If the applicant still fails to activate the account within the next 7 days, the uploaded documents will then be deleted. For applicants who are still interested in submitting applications, uploading and submissions will have to be performed again.

  4. How many days are taken by the OSC unit to process an application?
    5 calendar days to consider the submission of hardcopies within 3 days from the send date of online application.

  5. Is the e-signature approach used in OSC Online?
    At this stage applicants still need to place their signatures on the hardcopy that is delivered as proof of submission and on plans that are prepared to be endorsed for official approval issuance. E-signatures will be considered in the next improvement phase.

  6. When are hard copies submitted?
    Within 3 days after the documents and plans are sent online which is when the send button has been activated

  7. Are hard copies still required in executing OSC Online?
    1 to 3 sets of complete documents and plans need to be presented as proof of submission.

  8. Why is it in PDF and not in CADD file format?
    Application files are smaller and lighter and do not burden the system and storage. Moreover no amendment could be made on plans and documents by the reviewing officer.

  9. What is the format for uploading plans and documents?
    The format for uploading plans and documents is in PDF.

  10. Do applicants need to register with the municipal councils?
    Applicant registration follows the single sign concept whereby applicants only fill in and upload the registration information once on KPKT’s website which in turn can be sent to a municipal council website selected by the applicant.

    For control aspects on documents and since each municipal council is a planning authority itself, thus, each municipal council will generate a specific username and password.

    Applicants should use both the username and password when dealing with the respective municipal council.

Last Update: Thursday, 15 April 2021 - 3:20pm