The Building Department of MBAS is situated at the 8th floor, Menara MBAS, Jalan Kolam Air, 05675 Alor Setar, Kedah

Phone : 604-7332499
Faxs  : 604-7334377
E-Mail :


Client Charter

  • Building plan approvals will be given within 12 weeks
  • Roads and drainage plans, sewage and land works approvals will be issued within 9 weeks.
  • Issuance of Certificate for Occupation (CFO) will be made within 2 weeks after all complete documents have been produced
  • Approval of repair works plans, amendments or additions to buildings will be given within 2 weeks after all complete documents and plans are submitted and not referred to the Technical Department.


Department Components
The Building Department is divided into 3 divisions to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the best services to MBAS customers. The divisions are:

  • New Buildings Division
  • Building Control Division
  • Architectural Division


Function of New Buildings Division

  1. Inspect and process the approvals of all building plans that have been submitted by the developer to ensure that it meets the requirements of related laws.
  2. Inspect and process road and drainage plans with the cooperation of Technical Departments such as JKR and JPS to ensure all technical requirements are complied to.
  3. Inspect and process plans for sanitary systems and hygienic equipment according to established standards.
  4. Inspect building sites and progress of construction works to ensure that construction is carried out according to approved engineering requirements
  5. Inspect buildings, roads and drains, and those related to infrastructure to issue Certificate for Occupation.
  6. Give technical advice to developers regarding the building’s construction, roads/drains and sewage in line with various needs/policies of the Council
  7. Plan, call, offer,coordinate, supervise and maintain special projects carried out by the Council
  8. Monitor soil heaping works with the help of the Council’s legal division, in line with Soil Heaping Works By-laws.
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