The Management Services Department of MBAS is located at the 8th floor, Menara MBAS, Jalan Kolam Air, 05675 Alor Star, Kedah.

Phone : 604-7332499
Faxs  : 604-7334377
E-Mail :


Department Components

The Management Services Department is divided into four sections to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the best services to MBAS customers. These divisions are:

  • Administrative Division
  • Human Resources Division
  • Enforcement and Safety Division


Functions of Administrative Division

  • Create a quality system in work management
  • Coordinate and control Council’s administrative affairs, general administration, management of Council’s internal and external meetings and other matters related to logistics, supply and so on


Functions of Human Resources Division

  1. Responsible for the development of MBAS human resource management in matters concerning employment needs and employee services.
  2. Ensures that every employee is given training and courses to improve themselves and to increase productivity in their line of work to be skilled, trustworthy, and of quality. Provide knowledge and skills to employees in dealing with all their duties.
  3. Responsible for developing the Council’s organization including current employment and necessities for creation of new positions, determination of service scheme as well as placement and transfer of staff.
  4. Carry out matters regarding pensions, salaries and allowance, leaves, loans, work expenses allowance claims, and so on.
  5. Carry out matters regarding the Malaysian Sustenance System (SSM) such as examinations, courses and related training.
  6. Provides counseling, advice, and management technical services to the staff at all departments and divisions of the Council.