The Development Planning Department of MBAS is situated at the 8th floor of Menara MBAS, Jalan Kolam Air, 05675 Alor Star, Kedah.

Phone : 604-7332499
Faxs  : 604-7334377
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Department’s Objectives

Plan and monitor the development of the Municipal area by carefully considering the physical, social and economical aspects according to Council and State Government policies as well as carrying out planning activities in accordance with Act 172 (Town and Countryside Planning Act 1976)


Client Charter

“We pledge to provide efficient, immediate and quality service at all times.”


Application for Planning Permission for all types of development except:

• Projects outside development area

• Government projects

• Religious/association projects

Approval will be given within 3 months from the MBAS Permanent Planning Committee meeting.


Administrative Area

1. Planning area covers the entire district of Alor Setar, which is 666km square.

2. It covers a combination of the Alor Star town area which is 92 km square and 7 small towns, which are:

  • Kuala Kedah
  • Pokok Sena
  • Bukit Pinang
  • Simpang Empat
  • Kota Sarang Semut
  • Alor Janggus


Department Components

The Development Planning department is divided into 4 divisions to its effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the best services to MBAS’ customers. Those divisions are:

  • • Development Plan Division
  • • Development Control Division
  • • GIS Division
  • • Landscape and recreation division