Department Components
The engineering department is divided into 6 divisions to ensure that the service provided for MBAS customers is efficient and effective.
Those divisions are:

  • Development & General Works Division
  • Streets and Traffic Division
  • Drainage & Irrigation Division
  • Mechanical & Electrical Division
  • Administration Division



  • Planning, managing, overseeing and executing Alor Setar's developmental and infrastructural projects successfully to produce projects that are of quality, are beneficial and increase the comfort of the city folk within the allocated time period.
  • To ensure that acquisition, supply and service work is distributed to suppliers and contractors by considering the cost for an equivalent value of money.
  • Designing practically, economically, with the best quality and completed within the allocated time.
  • Take action towards complaints and orders for repairs of Council assets that are related to the activities of the Engineering Department.
  • Control and monitor the traffic system that is under the jurisdiction of Alor Setar Municipal Council.
  • Assisting private and government agencies by controlling and monitoring the execution of a project within the Alor Setar Municipal Council area.
  • Enforcement against unauthorized road digging and unauthorized building of street bumps within housing areas.
  • Create purchasing plans of Council vehicles according to the needs of the Department within the Alor Setar Municipal Council and ensure that the vehicles are in good condition.
  • Carry out maintenance work on the Council's assets including food courts, markets, arcade buildings, offices, MBAS store rooms and bus stations within the vicinity of Alor Setar Municipal Council.
  • Plan, organize projects and prepare the paperwork to apply for allocation from the Federal Government through the BP.1 and BP. 6 Allocation from KPKT and the State Government through level allocation, as well as reporting the project's position status.


Mission & Vision

Ensure that physical development is implemented in accordance with the functions of the Department towards realizing Alor Setar Municipal Council's inspirations.
Practicing excellent management in providing the best services will be our work culture by being trustworthy, efficient, vigilant, appreciative of quality and ensuring optimum cost.


Client Charter

    1. Committed to taking action within 6 weeks to overhaul drains and the drainage system according to complaints received upon approval from the administrators.
    2. Committed to take immediate action towards complaints received regarding damages to the infrastructure of drains, roads and any other Council assets by responding within 7 days.
    3. Committed to ensure that all road closures will be informed to the press at least 3 days before any repairs are done, and it will be ensured that safety signboards that are clear and sufficient will be put up.
    4. Committed to giving department comments, advice regarding road development, buildings and application for streetlights within 14 days.
    5. Committed to giving comments regarding application for drainage and road plans within 14 days.
    6. Committed to taking action within 28 days regarding maintaining and repairing any damages on the Council's assets that involves the Engineering Department.