Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Salam Sejahtera, Salam Muafakat Kedah, Salam Muafakat Bandaraya.

Welcome to Alor Setar City Council.

Firstly, I would like to thank our customers,  publics and Alor Setar City Council’s stakeholders for browsing this website. Alor Setar City Council have achieved many successes and being awarded locally and internationally after  been upgraded as a City Council on 28th November 2003. These successes will be maintained and enhanced by greater success globally in the future.

In accordance with the rapid growing technology, Alor Setar City Council Complaint System has been upgraded to a more advanced system where as medium in receiving the complaints are expanded via through social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Wechat, Line and others to facilitate the people for channelling complaints and acted upon by the MBAS as soon as possible. I would like to emphasis that under this administration, Alor Setar City Council would act one step forward on handling complaints by taking a proactive method on making walkabout or ‘Turun Padang’ programmee regularly to reduce the rate of complaints reported.

Alor Setar City Council which moves in a team or a consensus of the City, will always put the needs of the residents ahead and provide the best service for the welfare and prosperity of the residents in accordance with its tagline, TRANSFORMASI MBAS DI HATI RAKYAT which will always prioritize prosperity of the people in order to get closer with their heart.

Suistainable development and “Bandar Selamat” program in Alor Setar City also will be expanded not only in the City Center but covers 333km development area to achieve ‘Muafakat Kedah’ towards the City's dynamic and progressive and raised his identity as a Heritage City in a Garden, as announced by  the Honorable Menteri Besar of Kedah.

Finally, I urge all residents of Alor Setar City and staffs to help and support in all aspects in order to enhance the golden era Alor Setar City.


YBhg. Dato’ Haji Mohd Zohdi Bin Haji Saad, DSDK., AMK., BCK.

Mayor of Alor Setar