The Municipal Services and Environmental Health Department of MBAS is situated at the MBAS main office at Jalan Kolam Air, 05675 Alor Setar, Kedah.

Phone : 604-7332499
Faxs  : 604-7334377
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Department Components
The Municipal Services and Environmental Health department is divided into 3 divisions in order to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in delivering the best services to MBAS customers. The divisions are:

  1. Public Health Division
  2. Licensing Division
  3. Municipal Services Division


Functions of the Public Health Division
This division is responsible for coordinating community related works and generating results to the Council. Among the social works are controlling disturbances, pollution, stray animals, as well as public health such as disease control and food quality control. The Council's revenue comes from collection of Trade License fees, advertising, Market rents, and so on.

  • Plan all aspects regarding licensing of trade and industrial premises and control of food quality.
  • Maintain the hygiene and health levels of the business area
  • Ensure that all businesses have premise licenses
  • Coordinate food quality and environmental pollution control activities.
  • Manage departments' service quality
  • Monitor and take action against premises/dealers without licenses
  • Ensure that all business activities are done at approved places.
  • Expand licensing scopes to increase revenue.


Environmental Health Division
Is responsible for managing revenue collection from various licenses such as:

  • Trade licenses
  • Market/Rent license
  • Advertising license/banner/advertisement display permission


Among other non-revenue responsibilities are regarding social security, health and public order especially those under the control of areas under the Council's service areas, such as:

  • Establishing a "vector unit" to control diseases that are caused by mosquitoes
  • Controlling of food quality to ensure that food for public consumption is safe
  • Stray animals are among the duties that will involve enforcers and general workers to catch stray animals that can disturb public order
  • Eliminate disturbances and other obstructions that can cause noise, pollution and so on