•    Under the package to increase effectiveness of the communication system.
•    Economic Stimulus Package. The government has stated that an effective public service delivery system is required to guarantee the smoothness and effectiveness of the implementation of the country’s development policies and strategies during this competitive era.
•   The government concurred with the agreement of the Strategic Thrust Committee On Government Delivery System chaired by the Chief Secretary of the Government to create a One Stop Centre at two levels which is the Local Authority and the State Authority to simplify approval process of building plans and the issuance of certificate of fitness of occupancy in accordance with Initiative 70(a) of the Economic Stimulus Package.
•    To ensure that the implementation and improvement of the delivery system is implemented more efficiently and comprehensively, the 56th MNKT Meeting has agreed to expand the function of the existing One Stop Centre to include processing applications for Planning Approval, applications for building plans and to validate applications for land developments.



MARCH 2004
One Stop Centre (OSC) under responsibility of MBAS was formed. The OSC functioned as the coordinator for existing development plans in MBAS covering applications for building plans and CFOs.

JUNE 2006
Under the allocation of KPKT, MBAS’ OSC was strengthened with two staff appointed on contract basis (a public technical assistant and a clerk).

12 APRIL 2007
YAB Dato' Seri Abdullah Bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia’s Prime Minister officially launched the formation of OSCs throughout Malaysia.

16 MAY 2007
The OSC at MBAS officially started operations with the appointment of additional officers consisting of a Town Planning Officer (J44), an Architectural Technical Assistant (J29), two Technicians (J17) and a General Assistant (N1) with the expansion of OSC’s functions to manage the application of development plans simultaneously.

21 JUNE 2007
OSC’s first committee meeting at MBAS

16 JULY 2007
KPKT placed all officers appointed under the Department of Local Authority at relevant Local Authorities. This is to ensure that the implementation of OSC at the Local Authority is effective. The appointment of two OSC officers – a Town Planning Officer (J41) and a Public Technical Assistant (J29).