Artikel penggunaan logo halal

The issue regarding halal logos in Malaysia is not an old issue. The usage of halal logos not recognised by food operators in this country is often taken lightly.

The issue of halal and haram is a sensitive issue for the Muslims. For greedy operators such matters are not taken seriously. The usage of substances from unverified sources and haram substances must be thoroughly reviewed.

This sentiment is unchecked and controlled. Now the authorities have run campaigns on recognised halal logos and the usage of certified Malaysian halal logo is being actively undertaken.

There are also halal logos in the market designed by unscrupulous parties to confuse the Muslims.

The usage of unrecognised private halal logos being boldly displayed in the front of food premises.

Certified Malaysian halal logo

Observe the halal logos that are NOT recognised


S.E.A Halal logo

IFANCA International S.E.A Dan Asia Region logo

Old Baheis halal logo

Old Jakim halal logo

Logo not fulfilling the specification

Halal logo before standardisation

Banned halal logo

Last Update: Sunday, 8 December 2019 - 8:57am