Management Service

1. Responsible for managing human resources such as personnel affairs, services and training.

2. Responsible for the Council’s general administration business, such as the Council’s daily administration, correspondence, management files, logistical supplies and Council Members Affairs.

3. Secretariat for daily meetings, and those that involve the Council as well as Council Committees Meeting, Council’s Administrative meeting, and so on.

4. Provide legal, enforcement and prosecution services.

5. Community relations with NGOs as well as Public Relations.


1. Prepare the budget and estimation of budget.

2. Implement activities to monitor spending.

3. Implement revenue collection and investment.

4. Prepare accounts, salaries, allowance and others related to payment.

5. Prepare financial reports and periodic accounting.

Property Assessment and Management

1. Manage and implement property assessment within the vicinity of the Local Authority and Council’s Property.

2. Execute reassessment of rent rate (Rent Control Act).

3. Implementing Council property management activities.

4. Execute management of Council property.

Social Service

1. Manage, oversee and enforce Municipal services such as garbage disposal services, solid waste management, drainage, roads and so on.

2. Execute public health control, such as food quality control, environmental cleanliness, disease control and so on.

3. Manage and oversee business activities such as hawkers’ license, stalls, markets, business premises such as factories, hotels and advertisements.

4. Manage and issue business licenses and enforce these activities with the allocated Acts.

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