Alor Setar City Council:-

" Driving the excellence of a well-established Alor Setar City Council based on organizational quality, innovative, responsive and committed to sustainable development to achieve Liveable Municipality 2035"


Alor Setar City Council is ever committed to deliver the best services to its customers and stakeholder particularly within Alor Setar City Jurisdiction.  The delivery of its services is continuously improved from time to time and integrated with the latestmodern technology based on the Council's financial capability.


Alor Setar City Council :-

To transform Alor Setar City as Liveable City "


The Alor Setar City Council is always committed to improve the
quality of life of its residents in respect to infrastructure, trade facilities
, conducive housing estates environment and public
amenities. Among the efforts is by increasing the number of
business premises for the purpose of improving the standard of
economy and their income. One of the ways used by MBAS to
increase their source of income is by simplifying the process of
issuing business licences.


Continuous monitoring efforts is conducted to ensure garbage are collected
according to schedule, conducting ‘gotong royong at every ‘area
officer’ to ensure a more comfortable and peaceful life amongst
the residents.  Collaboration with enforcement agencies such as
the Police,  National Narcotics Agency, Maritime, Immigration, Custom,
Islamic Religious Council and others are intended to reduce the
crime index, misdemeanours and social problems.  These efforts by
MBAS will enhance the quality of life for the people.